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Vanessa Diaz

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Made another video about my Mexican road trip w/ my bf! I am quite enjoying piecing footage together that’s been sitting in my iPhone and my computer for months (actually a year).  We visited so many beautiful places it’s worth sharing those moments of bliss.

If you are ever in Mexico I highly recommend visiting the magical waterfalls in the jungles of Chiapas, surfing in the Pacific coast of Oaxaca and chilling out in the white sandy beaches of Qintana Roo.  Also, if you are into history and mysticism you cannot skip visiting the ancient Mayan sites.

It’s mind blowing! And the energy of the place is quite special too. (Pro tip: charge your crystals at the top of the pyramids! ;p)

Ok that’s it for now!  I hope you like it. TTYS! xxx

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Good bye 2013!!!

You were really good to me. Kicked my ass several times with tough love but overall you brought so many blessings & amazing experiences into my life.

Grateful for all the travel and adventures, for connecting with the earth and receiving its grounding force, for all the beautiful people I met (especially Dolphie, the hottest one of all!), for having the chance of spending time with my family, for the insights that have allowed me to become healthier, for the universe that continues to constantly blow my mind with wonder!

Here’s to welcoming 2014 and for the new lessons, adventures and magic that are yet to come! 



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Everyone should take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. 🍁🍂🍃 (at Central Park)